Update 053009

Finally got the issue fixed. Apparently the uploader was having conflicts with Google Gears. Now that that’s fixed, I can upload stuff again. *Yay, applaud now* Anyways…there’s really not much to update. No big car events. Recently, I have just put aside all my car projects for the time being and decided to wait for the new CTR which supposedly coming to the US as the 9th generation Civic. Hopefully that turns out well. I like hatchbacks so I wished they would redesign a hatch.

Moving on, I’m going to somewhat busy these couple days. I’m redecorating my room…once a again..for the 9999th time. Seriously, if you ever saw how this room started out as and all the changes I’ve done to it, you’d be freaking amazed. And that figure below….not a toy. Cost lots of $$$ since I’m not saving for parts anymore, I can splurge on my nerdy hobbies.