Well I’ve been trying out some new stuff. This is what came out of it. I attempted to pull off a rig shot without an actual rig. I’ve been thinking on whether or not to invest into a rig. I have all the parts needed and design down and ready to go. Just thinking if its worth the money to buy the parts. Its about $300 or so for parts. Anyways, the shot did not come out as I wanted because I couldn’t get the setting down. It was too bright for me to slow down the shutter speed so everytime I tried to do it, it would either come out super bright or crystal clear. I guess I should find a dim lit place. At the time, I slowed the shutter speed a bit and eventually ended up doing donuts just to get the blur. In the end, its wasn’t bad since I got a shot out of it, just not the one I was hoping for.

In other news, big shoot going down this weekend. Bunch of guys from SD and maybe some others are getting together to do a shoot. Not sure where yet, but it going to be my second night shoot ever. I relunctly shelled out some cash for a flash just for this shoot. It better be worth it, because I’m pretty damn poor right now.