Weekend & Shoot


Spent entire weekend at Qualcomm Stadium working the now hated ProKart races. Worst job in the world. Standing the whole day in the sun and freezing cold wind with no food.

img_2081Meeting up at Ikea where people didn’t show up on time and we waited for about an hour or two. So we took some pictures in the meantime. Above would the Fake Evo (Skeevo).

img_2125Yes! A clear shot without a tripod. Actually the one clear shot w/o a tripod.

img_2127This shot and the rest of the shot similar to it all sucked. But w/e. We got kicked out so we didn’t get to do another.


img_2138img_2151UCSD Parking Garage

img_2158img_2172img_2205Oh yeah. That’s hot.

img_2237One of the 100 failed motion shots. Yay.