Update 032709

Nothing happened all week. So I pretty much just chilled out at home watching anime. People who know, know I speed through entire series of anime nonstop. I just finished the entire series of Clannad and Clannad: The After Story. At first, I thought it was really girl, but since there was so much hype about it, I forced my self to watch it. Soon after, meaning a couple hours laters, I got so immersed into the story, I just kept going. It was so incredibly intense. This would be one of the few thing in life that would tear a person up (meaning make you really sad). I watch quite a bit of moving series and this one tops them all. For some reason, I feel the anime storylines are better than anything else out there. I mean anything; movies, television, books. Anime is so incredibly unique and awesome. It is pure brilliance.


And Racelegal car show tomorrow, so hopefully I get some cool stuff up.






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