Street Fighter IV

19776_final_st4-logo_psd_jpgcopy_normalAnyone get the new copy of SF4? I didn’t get it preorder, but I picked it up today and got it going right away. I thought it wouldn’t be as fun as SF2, but it turns out its pretty good. Only thing I didn’t like about it was that it was all easier to button smash to victory. Otherwise, it was pretty awesome. Graphics were ok, since I was expecting it to be flawlessly awesome, but whatever its a fighting game. No one worries about graphics when they beating the crap out of each with energy balls and flaming kicks. I have yet to unlock all the characters, but C.Viper was unexpectedly cool. At first, I thought she would be kind of lame and a copy of another character, but she is amazing fun to use. Flaming kicks and electroshock punches. Reminds me of M.Bison. Ooo fun stuff. The other new ones are…meh, yet to see anything fun.

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