Photo shoot

img_13311Every weekend (usually Sunday) I go out for shoots. We just go out driving and looking for good spots to shoot.


I don’t know, but I really like to have power lines in my shots. I think they’re really cool. Its very industrial and yet nature-esque at the same time.


I really wish I cleaned my wheels better, but since it looked like it was going to rain I got lazy, but come on, who could blame me. Look at those. Its like 12 spokes on the bloody thing. Its take so much time to clean. These wheels are fine with me, but they make me want to go out and buy some Volks just so I wouldn’t hate cleaning my tires.


I had two of these shots and it took me forever to decide which one I wanted to post. I kind of like that 67 Mustang in the back. I’m really more of an import guy, but I can still appreciate a classic.


I really like this one. I had a few that I liked. We had to do about twenty shots just to get a few good ones, but I think it turned out pretty good. You have to admit, this shot is so awesome that it would be a cover on Honda Tuning.





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